After many years of dedicated work from rigorous scholars, Industrial and Organizational Psychology (I/O Psychology), Personnel Psychology, Consumer Psychology, Engineering Psychology, as well as General Psychology have become commonly applied in the workplace, and have gradually merged into a discipline of its own. Various colleges and universities in Taiwan have sought out qualified scholars to train young talents, providing professional teaching, and advance research. However, as this discipline, is slowly maturing, the need for a communication and cooperation platform available to all professionals is becoming urgent. Therefore, after much time and effort, the Taiwan Industrial and Organizational Psychology Association (TAIOP) has been officially established on July 4th, 2017.

The purpose of TAIOP is to integrate worldwide I/O psychology resources, information, and talents, as well as to promote the development of educational training, research, and field practice of I/O psychology. Doing so will enable us to recruit more talents and promote the exchanges between them, in order to advance their career. In addition, we aim to cooperate with other academic institutions and enterprises abroad in order to create a value link between the creation and the practice of knowledge, and thereby make greater and beneficial contributions to society.

Our Missions

(1) To integrate the research resources of I/O psychology.
(2) To compile an academic database of I/O psychology.
(3) To coordinate the publication of books and the flow of information on I/O psychology.
(4) To strengthen the connection, communication, academic exchange and cooperation between researching and teaching institutions.
(5) To construct an ecological system of application of I/O psychological academic research and practice.
(6) To conduct other relevant I/O psychological business in both the academic and practical field.

Following the principle of “practice without theory can lead to mistakes, while theory without practice can become an empty talk”, the purpose of TAIOP is to create forward-looking I/O psychological knowledge, and to develop talented professionals. By doing so, we expect to enrich the overall academic energy of I/O psychology, and to provide an interactive and communicative platform for academic researchers and practical workers to cooperate and create a better future together.

Therefore, we sincerely welcome all who identify with the purpose of TAIOP, and aspired to enhance the academic and practical development of I/O psychology, to join us. We also look forward to joining efforts with any public or private units and institutions that agreed with our mission to work together on the future development of I/O psychology, and benefit organizations.